Do I need a Facebook to create an account on wimZr?

Yes, we use Facebook as a security measure to verify information and make sure you connect with real people.  wimZr will never post any information to your Facebook.

I am not getting a lot of profiles to view on my next trip, what do I do?

Try to broaden the age range on your settings page.  This will bring up more users to the destination you are traveling.  wimZr launched in June of 2014, so keep coming back as the amount of users will exponentially grow over time.  You are more than welcome to help get the word out by using the “invite” link to let your friends know about a whole new aspect of traveling!

My hometown is a small place not near a big city, what shall I do so I can view incoming travelers near my home?

In order to best utilize wimZr when it comes to the “coming to you” portion of the app, most travelers will be flying into bigger cities.  wimZr uses a radius of the travelers destination, so if you live in a major city you will get a lot of hits.  If you are in a smaller city, however, we have created an edit button under your hometown.  Use wisely.

What is the age restriction on wimZr?

Must be 18 years old to use.  18 and up.

Can I change my age?

You cannot change your age on wimZr.  We use your Facebook profile to verify age.

Can I unblock a previous connection that I had blocked?

Once a connection has been blocked, it is permanently blocked.

I have made several connections in a destination, once that trip is over, does the trip automatically delete in the system and do I lose all of my chats?

Yes, the trip itself will be removed from the “my destinations” page, but any conversation that went along with it will remain in the connections page.  (If you would like to move your favorite conversations into an easy icon, you can place any chat into a “favorite” chat for easy accessibility.)

Am I able to message anyone I see on wimZr?

In order to connect with another user, there has to be a mutual “very nice” in order to connect with that user.  (Tip: When taking photos, use your best side for better results, it always helps.)

I can’t pull up a state or country in my destinations, what do I do?

Only city and zip code will bring up a certain location you are traveling.  You MUST enter a specific city or zip code.